Lets look at AWS public cloud environment.

I used terraform to bring up entire environment all public clouds. Provisioned the virtual machines with shell scripts.

In AWS, you can directly specify multiple network interfaces within virtual machine resources.

I came across an old school looping issue while testing the tunnel. I tackled looping issue by implementing spanning-tree.

I came across some challenges while writing this script. Especially, when I try to bring up two interfaces in router virtual machines. …

I preferred to bring up the environment dynamically and tear down the environment when they are not required. To do this dynamically, I picked up

· OVS an open source implementations of virtual switch

· CI/CD tool Jenkins

· shell scripts

· ansible

· terraform

· packer

· Groovy that…

Some applications are quick wins in the cloud migration strategy, exchange can be quickly transformed to a SaaS application office365. But, custom made legacy applications cannot be easily transformed to cloud native applications. Major cloud service providers recommend to move application without changes as part of the cloud migration strategy…

Do you like being in lock down?

Locked down but not locked out. An experience of lifetime.

Despite of challenges posed by lock down, we can all agree that one thing that was in abundance is time. There wasn’t much toilet rolls. But, there was plenty of time.

I took…

Ramesh Rajendran

Freelancer with 16 years of experience in Hybrid & multi-cloud, security, networking & Infrastructure. Working with C-level execs. Founder

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