Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Overlay — Part 1 — Introduction

Hybrid Datacentre
Layer 2 Overlay between datacentres

Overlay is really helpful during migrations when you don’t want much changes in underlay infrastructure. For eg, If you want to host nested infrastructure such as hypervisor over hypervisor or If you want to run containers overlay or IPv6 overlay in IPv4. I have seen one of my customers using overlay to segregate traffic between different departments over shared infrastructure to meet security requirements.

Nested Infrastructure
Containers Overlay
IPv6 Overlay
Overlay in Cloud
Traffic segregation
Part 1 — Video blog



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Ramesh Rajendran

Ramesh Rajendran


Freelancer with 16 years of experience in Hybrid & multi-cloud, security, networking & Infrastructure. Working with C-level execs. Founder zerolatency.solutions